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Leaders To Be Philanthropic While Profitable

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Lead Well. Do Good. Drive Change.

We are building a community that understands the power of “doing good,” and that’s why the 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Global Coaching Conference offers proven tools and actionable steps for leaders like you to unlock the power of coaching to affect change on a larger scale, break past overwhelm at the magnitude of key issues, and ultimately learn how to remain profitable in your own business.

Aligning Leadership Expertise With Causes For Greatest Impact


Connection to Self, Causes and Contemporaries

The 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Global Coaching Conference will equip leaders and coaches with the tools to be philanthropic yet remain profitable, align specific causes with their expertise for greatest impact, teach competencies for leaders interested in cause work, and form an ecosystem for ongoing conversation and success tracking, year to year.

At the core of this comprehensive approach, is a concept that will teach attendees to embrace a mindset and state of being that allows each individual to release the need for outside validation, give freely from an inner, healthy reserve and resilience, and ultimately create a ripple effect of positivity in their spheres of influence.


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Learn to embrace a mindset and state of being that allows each individual to release the need for outside validation, give freely from an inner, healthy reserve, and ultimately create a ripple effect of positivity in their spheres of influence.

This conference will also help our attendees to find congruence between leading a profitable enterprise and positively contributing to their families, workplace, and the communities in which the company operates.

Discover: your authentic self, how to live in the world from your essence, how to use your unique, innate strengths and how to adopt an original and creative approach to your contributions to life.

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Develop the skillset to consciously co-create a balanced and purpose-driven experience for your workplace, community, family, society and self.

Examining professional coaching in the context of an organization, you as a leader will learn how to generate break-through thinking and collaboration on your teams.

Conference thought-leaders will teach the value of aligning specific causes with one’s existing expertise for greatest impact and teach competencies for leaders like you interested in cause work.

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Building upon the tools shared with attendees to embrace the necessary state of being, adopt an intentional mindset, and leverage coaching to affect change, the conference will explore three major causes that have significant global impact:

  • Climate Emergency
  • Healthy Communities
  • Human Trafficking

Experience content from cause-leaders, coaches and advocates on how to choose a cause path, identify your strengths, and use what you have, where you are, to drive change for yourself, your businesses and ultimately, our globe.

Leveraging the power of coaching, our attendees will have the opportunity to align with causes and organizations that speak to their leadership and desire to pay forward a vision for society that is accepting, inclusive, respectful, loving-and impactful.


We will welcome you to join the virtual 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Global Coaching conference simulcast. We will expand the global coverage to cover cities across six continents. We will be providing global access with dynamic flows that will allow all attendees to feel engaged and rewarded.



The 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Online Global Coaching Conference is for the leader who cares about causes, wants to help beyond check writing, and is curious how their current expertise and business can play a role in positive global change. Leaders like this—like YOU—include:

  • Company Leadership (managers, directors, vice presidents and presidents)
  • Civic Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Professional Coaches
  • Social Activists
  • The Socially-Conscious and Self-Attuned who believe healthy interpersonal relations spark positive change
Wednesday, September 9th – Friday, September 11th 
7:30 am EST – 6:00 pm EST daily
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Great question. We’ve thought of this, too.

A unique experience, yet also a launch point, The 2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Online Global Coaching Conference will kick off a year of connectivity and change, by offering a portal and ecosystem for attendees, from separate fields and walks of life, to connect and contribute to an ongoing conversation, gain peer mentorship as they expand their brands and missions, and review the effectiveness of their efforts within their aligned community causes. 

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We’d love to hear and learn from you. The Request For Proposal (RFP) is located HERE. 

Hurry! The deadline to apply May 4th.